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UPDATED: Begich Debate Schedule

Sullivan Refusing to Address Young Voters


ANCHORAGE — Mark Begich has committed to 11 forums and debates before Election Day, recently adding an additional forum hosted by the Anchorage School District and League of Women Voters.

U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan has refused to tell Alaskans if he will debate Mark Begich.

“Dan Sullivan continues to refuse to tell Alaskans the truth about his inconsistent claims about his residency or his connections to the billionaire Koch brothers. Mark Begich hopes that after months of silence Dan Sullivan will finally agree to join him and discuss the critical issues in this campaign - he did find the time to attend the fish debate after all. Begich remains committed to attend with or without his opponents, ” said Max Croes, Communications Director for Alaskans for Begich.

Sullivan has made headlines for failing to commit to the fish debate, an Alaska political tradition, only later caving to pressure and agreeing to attend. The move was referred to as a “Senate candidate from Iowa, say, skipping a debate on corn.”

Alaska has a long and independent history that has given voice to candidates from all political affiliations and leanings. Continuing that tradition, Begich has asked that each host invite every candidate participating in this year’s Senate election who has earned ballot privileges, like Mark Fish, Libertarian candidate for Senate.

Begich Forum and Debate Schedule

Sunday, September 28, Shiloh Community Development, Inc. Forum

Wednesday, October 1, Kodiak Chamber of Commerce

Tuesday, October 14, League of Women Voters and Anchorage School District Student Forum


Tuesday, October 21, Soldotna Chamber of Commerce Candidate Forum

Thursday, October 23, Resource Development Council Candidate Forum

Friday, October 24, Alaska Federation of Native Candidate Forum

Sunday, October 26, KTVA Ch. 11 and Alaska Dispatch Debate

Monday, October 27, Anchorage Chamber of Commerce Candidate Forum

Tuesday, October 28, Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce Forum

Wednesday, October 29, KTUU Channel 2 Debate

Thursday, October 30, Debate for the State - Alaska Public Media