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Treadwell and Sullivan Want More Government in Women’s Health Care


ANCHORAGE — Admist superficial calls for “limited government,” Mead Treadwell and Dan Sullivan want to put government squarely between a woman and her doctor, limit freedom and jeopordize women’s privacy.

Sullivan and Treadwell both support the recent Hobby Lobby decision and firmly believe that the government and bosses know better than a woman and her doctor. Both have stated that they would allow the religious beliefs of a corporation to come before the medical needs of a woman and give them the right to deny contraceptive coverage. Treadwell has gone so far to say that doctors should be required to report the procedures they perform to the government and justify them as “medically necessary,” exposing a woman’s medical records to the state.

These unfair and aggressive policies would undoubtedly harm women who rely on their employers for medical coverage but deny women their privacy.

Dan Sullivan

  • Believes employers should have a veto over doctors’ medical advice.

  • Called the Hobby Lobby lawsuit “great.”

Mead Treadwell

  • Thinks doctors should report to the government on women’s health care procedures.

  • Certified new regulations requiring doctors to attest that certain procedures were “medically necessary

Mark Begich is the only candidate in this Senate race who has proven himself to be an ally of Alaska women. Senator Begich denounced the Hobby Lobby decision from day one and cosponsored a bill to have the decision overturned. He believes that women have the right to make their own medical decisions and that the government has no right to come between a woman and her doctor.