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Sullivan Performance: “It Was Embarrassing”

Alaskans Speak Out About Dan Sullivan’s Lack of Understanding Of Alaska’s Largest Private Employer


ANCHORAGE- Senator Mark Begich met Dan Sullivan for a debate on fishing issues hosted by the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce. Reactions to the debate were front and center in reporting where one debate participant called Sullivan’s performance “embarrassing.”

Dan Sullivan originally refused to attend the Kodiak fisheries debate, an Alaska tradition. Sullivan was forced to cave when pressure from voters reached a fever pitch. Dan Sullivan’s campaign said he didn’t have a prior commitment but was just “too busy.”

Many issues were addressed in the debate, including the Pebble Mine, oil and gas development in Bristol Bay, Frankenfish, electronic monitoring and Dan Sullivan’s brother buying GMO fish.


Some highlights from the KTVA news story:

KTVA’s Reports:

“Mark Begich says he does not support the [Pebble] mine proposal. While Dan Sullivan refuses to take a stand for or against it.

“Oil and gas development in Bristol Bay was another sticking point. Begich says “No” to development in that region. While Sullivan says he wants to look at the science before making a decision.”

ALASKAN: “Also very clear that Dan Sullivan is not up on the issues that affect our fisheries here. And it, was embarrassing.”

ALASKAN: “I felt that he (Dan Sullivan) came here because he was challenged to come to Kodiak to actually to come to the debates. And I felt that he was was completely unprepared.”

Mark Begich stands up for Alaskan’s fishing industry and is honored to have the endorsements of the United Fishermen of Alaska, the Alaska Bering Sea Crabbers, and the Purse Seine Vessel Owners Association.