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After Strong Debate Performance: Fishing Industry Backs Begich


ANCHORAGE- Senator Mark Begich is honored to have the support of Alaska’s fishing industry. As the chairman of the U.S. Senate committee on fisheries and the Coast Guard and as member of the Appropriations committee, Mark Begich stands with Alaskans and fights everyday to protect and strengthen our fishing industry.

Here’s what Alaskans have to say about why they support Mark Begich for re-election:

“Alaskan seafood is more than beautiful and delicious, it is also a great business. Our seafood industry in Alaska has always relied on reasonable regulation and public policy. Senator Begich has both the experience and a moderate approach to government which has served us very well. That’s why I am supporting Mark for U.S. Senate,” said Paul Dale, Co-Owner and President of Snug Harbor Seafoods.

“Senator Begich has shown that he understands the importance of commercial fishing to Alaska. He is continually seeking input from fishermen in how to help keep the industry and individual fishermen thriving. I am convinced he is by far the best candidate for making Alaska commercial fishing issues a priority,” said John Pekham, Ketchikan purse seiner for salmon.

“Having Senator Begich on the Appropriations Committee and on the Fisheries and Coast Guard subcommittee is extremely important to Alaskan Fisherman. Sen. Begich has helped with EPA discharge legislation, funding new Coast Guard vessels and moving the Magnuson-Stevens reauthorization forward,” said Thea Thomas, Copper River Gillnetter.

“Senator Mark Begich cares about Alaska fishermen and the future of our industry. Fishermen and processing workers depend on our harvest but without a strong leader in congress to defend us from Frankenfish, Ocean Acidification, Pebble Mine and implications of Magnuson Stevens Reauthorization, we are at risk. Mark brings long Alaskan experience and a respect for science to his leadership position in fisheries’ legislation,” said Stosh Anderson, Kodiak Fisherman.

Mark Begich stands up for Alaskan’s fishing industry and is honored to have the endorsements of the United Fishermen of Alaska, the Alaska Bering Sea Crabbers, and the Purse Seine Vessel Owners Association.