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State of the Race: Sullivan is Out of Touch with Alaska

Dishonest, Doesn’t Share Alaska’s Values


ANCHORAGE – Following a long and bitter GOP primary race, Campaign manager for Alaskans for Begich, Susanne Fleek-Green, released a memo regarding the state of the Alaska Senate race entitled “Dan Sullivan is Out of Touch with Alaska.”

To: Interested Parties

From: Susanne Fleek-Green, Begich Campaign Manager

Date: August 20th, 2014

Re: Dan Sullivan is Out of Touch with Alaska

After more than $10 million from Outside interests like Karl Rove and the Koch brothers, Dan Sullivan struggled to survive a bitter and contentious Republican primary in Alaska on Tuesday. As Republicans pounded him for being a newcomer who doesn’t share Alaska’s values, Sullivan was forced to drain his campaign funds and rely on his Outside corporate and family connections to carry him over the finish line.

Now Sullivan must face Mark Begich, a born and raised Alaskan with a bipartisan record of delivering for Alaska who holds $2 million in campaign funds heading into the general election. Meanwhile, Sullivan will be forced to try and overcome the damage already done. He will have to try and ask Alaskans to buy what he is selling after failing to demonstrate any real understanding of Alaska’s unique needs and proving his loyalty truly lies with his Outside corporate interests – as Alaskans saw firsthand when he failed to hold the Koch brothers accountable for closing the Flint Hills refinery in Fairbanks. “

Dishonest, Doesn’t Share Alaska’s Values

If his ability to receive a “TRUE” from independent fact checkers is any indication, Sullivan will have a hard time earning Alaskans’ trust. He has failed to be straight with Alaskans on everything from his limited record of work in Alaska to how long he has even lived here.

· Dan Sullivan Would Privatize Social Security, Cut Benefits for Seniors

· Dan Sullivan Believes the Government Should Dictate Women’s Health Decisions

· Sullivan Promoted Genetically Engineered Fish, Took Heat During Primary

· Sullivan Undermined Alaskans’ Subsistence Rights, Restricted Alaska Natives’ Water Rights

· Dan Sullivan Believes “The Jury is Still Out” on Climate Change – Even Though Previously Had Voiced “Shared Concern” on the Issue

Read the full memo here.