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Primary Candidates Continue “Bitter” Attacks

Begich Focuses on Meeting Face to Face to Alaskans


ANCHORAGE — Heading into Tuesday’s hotly contested primary, GOP candidates Mead Treadwell, Dan Sullivan and Joe Miller are sneaking in their last minute punches in a three way primary that onlookers have defined as “bitter” with “no love lost.”

Meanwhile, Senator Mark Begich is staying focused on talking directly with Alaskans about the importance of the election.

“Mead Treadwell, Dan Sullivan and Joe Miller are making this race about each other, leaving Alaskans in the dust. They continue to refuse to look Alaskans in the eye and have conversations about Alaska’s future, instead of their own,” said Max Croes, Communications Director for Alaskans for Begich.

In the final debate that aired last week, Treadwell threw punches at Sullivan for skipping the Alaska Public Media Debate that was held one night before the KTUU debate, asking if Sullivan had “dropped out.” Sullivan fired back by accusing Treadwell of crying “crocodile tears.”

Begich has spent the last few days meeting face to face with Alaskans. In the past week Begich has visited Palmer, Wasilla, Eagle River, Haines, Juneau, and Anchorage.