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Outside Groups Try to Buy Alaska’s Senate Seat With $9.5 Million Pledge

Outside groups endorsing Sullivan spends $7.3 million on Alaska airwaves


ANCHORAGE - Outside groups are pledging $9.5 million in Alaska between now and Election Day against Mark Begich — an unprecedented amount of money being spent in an attempt to buy Alaska’s U.S. Senate seat and boost the candidacy of super PAC-dependent Dan Sullivan.

Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS and American Crossroads will flood Alaska with $5.5 million in fall ad time and $1.8 million in ad time in June. Rove’s group endorsed Sullivan, who has the financial support of less than 200 Alaskans.

“Independent minded Alaskans will decide this election, not Outside groups spending nearly $10 million in a desperate attempt to flood Alaska and buy a senate seat. The only thing these groups have proven is that they don’t know Alaska — They paid an actress to pose as an Alaskan in an ad and their misleading claims have been called ‘false’ and ‘not true’ by independent fact check groups,” said Max Croes Alaskans for Begich Communications Director.

The National Republican Senate Campaign Committee has pledged an additional $2.2 million for the fall. The billionaire Koch brothers who closed the Flint Hills refinery have funded false and misleading attack ads in Alaska from three separate Outside groups. They have spent $2.5 million in Alaska on ads declared “false” and “not true” by independent fact check organizations.