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In One .Gif: Dan Sullivan on Minimum Wage

Debate Moderator: “Do you Support Raising the Minimum Wage?”

Dan Sullivan: “…No”

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ANCHORAGE — Dan Sullivan is trying to have it both ways by opposing and supporting an increase in the minimum wage increase.

Sullivan spent months telling voters during the primary election that he was opposed to a minimum wage increase and just one month ago told Alaskans he would oppose a state ballot initiative to raise the minimum wage.

Dan Sullivan on raising the minimum wage at the August 8, 2014, Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce Senate debate:


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Sullivan never lifted a finger as DNR commissioner or attorney general to raise the minimum wage which would raise 5,000 Alaskans out of poverty and increase incomes for 49,000 Alaskans in minimum wage jobs. Sullivan refuses to support a federal increase.

Also, Sullivan continues to receive millions of dollars in backing from anti-minimum wage, anti-worker groups like the Koch brothers and the Club for Growth. Sullivan received the Club for Growth’s endorsement after a secret interview where he pledged to support the organization’s agenda, like opposing an increase to the minimum wage.