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New Ad: “Works For Alaska”

“I Will Go Anywhere And Work With Anyone To Do What’s Right For Alaskans”


ANCHORAGE- In a new TV ad, Mark Begich affirms he will go anywhere and work with anyone to do what’s right for Alaskans. Begich touts his record of fighting the Obama Administration to open the Arctic for oil and gas development, protecting Second Amendment rights, and his work to get Alaska out from under the one size fits all No Child Left Behind law.


Mark Begich fondly recalls childhood memories of the times his father, Nick Begich, would gather the family at East Anchorage’s Russian Jack Springs Park. In “Works For Alaska” Mark Begich speaks to Alaskans from the same spot he spent many memorable times with his family.


Begich: “When we were young, our father loved to bring us here, to this spot. When things seem impossible, I try to do what he would have done. Like when I took on Obama to open up drilling in the Arctic, and I also took him on to protect our gun rights and exempt Alaska schools from No Child Left Behind. And I’m fighting like hell to fix the health care law so that it works for Alaska. I’m Mark Begich, I approved this message, because I will go anywhere and work with anyone to do what’s right for Alaskans.”

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