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New Ad: “Four Star”

Iraq Vet: “I was proud to watch Mark Begich force the Pentagon to keep our fighter jets at Eielson.”


ANCHORAGE - Mark Begich’s new TV ad features Fairbanks resident and Iraq War Veteran, Master Sgt. Troy Bouffard, who testifies that Mark Begich fought the Pentagon and the Administration to help save 3,000 jobs in Alaska by keeping the F-16 fighter jets at Eielson Air Force Base.

Bouffard points to Begich’s leadership demanding answers from Washington to keep the fighter jets in Fairbanks.

“Mark Begich does whatever it takes for Alaska. It’s why I’m voting for him,” said Master Sgt. Bouffard (ret.) Army, Operation Iraqi Freedom.

As a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee and Senate Appropriations Committee, Begich stood up for Eielson to keep the F-16 fighter jets in Fairbanks and protect over 3,000 jobs in Alaska. Senator Begich, Senator Murkowski and Congressman Young worked together to challenge the faulty assumptions the Pentagon made in proposing the F-16 move, including putting the transfer on hold until the Pentagon did a full analysis of the impacts and costs of the move. Since joining the US Senate, Begich has been a steadfast champion of Alaska’s military families and bases. He successfully fought to restore benefits for the Alaska Territorial Guard, covered military dependents under 26 on Tricare, and secured over $500 million in military infrastructure improvements.

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Trasncript: “Four Star:”

Begich: I’m Mark Begich and I approve this message.

Troy Bouffard: We would have lost three thousand jobs. The Fairbanks economy would have been devastated. Washington wanted to move our F-16s out of Eielson. So when a three star general wanted a fourth star, Mark Begich made sure he didn’t get it until he got some answers. After serving two tours in Iraq, I was proud to watch Mark Begich force the Pentagon to keep our fighter jets at Eielson.