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Memo: Dan Sullivan Won’t Answer These Questions


ANCHORAGE — In preparation for this week’s debates, Alaskans for Begich is releasing a pre-debate memo including the questions Dan Sullivan will avoid at all cost during this week’s three debates.

Tuesday: Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce (Not available)
Wednesday: KTUU Channel 2 (TV & Online)
Thursday: Alaska Public Radio Network (Online)

Dan Sullivan already skipped one debate this week, held yesterday at the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce. At the Alaska Federation of Natives forum last week KTOO said this about Dan Sullivan, ” For Sullivan, things got off to a rocky start during the lightning round, which required yes or no answers.”


From: Alaskans for Begich, Campaign Manager Susanne Fleek-Green
To: Concerned Parties
Date: 10/28/2014
Subject: Questions Dan Sullivan Will Be Avoiding During Debates

1. Where do you stand on the PATRIOT Act?

Dan Sullivan is quick to highlight his time as a political appointee working for National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice. However, Alaskans remember Rice, in partnership with Karl Rove, as engineers of the PATRIOT Act and innovators of modern practices to spy on millions of American citizens. Mark Begich has repeatedly voted against the PATRIOT Act and believes Alaskans are entitled to their privacy. Sullivan has refused to take a position on the PATRIOT Act despite his role working for Rice.

2. How much support have you received from the Koch brothers?

The most recent campaign filing from Dan Sullivan included $40,000 in donations from the billionaire Koch brothers and members of the Koch family used to help pay off a $400,000 campaign debt. The donations from the Kochs come after Sullivan has refused to speak out about their decision to close the Flint Hills refinery in Fairbanks, kill 80 Alaska jobs and raise taxes on Alaskans. Dan Sullivan still won’t come clean about exactly how much support he has received from the Koch brothers or their affiliates.

3. Where did you file your income taxes in 2007 and 2008?

The State of Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation released its findings on the residence tax credit eligibility of U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan for his million dollar home in the Washington, D.C. suburb of Bethesda. In Dan Sullivan’s official Senate candidate filling, he identified himself as a 17-year continuous resident of the State of Alaska. A declaration that conflicts with the State of Maryland’s assessment of residency between 2006 and 2008. Dan Sullivan still will not disclose where he filed his federal income taxes in 2007 and 2008.

4. Who are you supporting in the Alaska gubernatorial race?

Dan Sullivan’s failed record as attorney general and Department of Natural Resources Commissioner came under Governors Palin and Parnell. Dan Sullivan is desperate to create political distance from his former boss, Governor Sean Parnell.