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Mark Begich: Championing Alaska Energy Development

Begich Debuts Oil and Gas Plan in Fairbanks


ANCHORAGE- At a press conference in Fairbanks, Mark Begich rolled out his comprehensive plan for expanding oil and gas development in Alaska to bring reduced energy costs to Alaska, make sure Alaska gets its fair share of resource dollars, create good paying jobs in Alaska communities and set a path to expand resource development during his second term in the U.S. Senate.

Begich successfully battled federal regulators and the Obama Administration to open federal lands in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska and the Arctic Ocean to new development opportunities. In the last six years America’s production of oil exceeded imports for the first time in nearly 20 years.


“Alaska’s oil and gas reserves are unparalleled and vast, with enormous potential for responsible production in ANWR, the NPR-A, and offshore in the Arctic. I’ve successfully worked to open up CD-5 for development in the NPR-A for the first time and - with this oil and gas plan – will build on that success in a second term. I’ll continue to go head to head with the administration to see that these resources are developed and Alaska families and communities benefit from the good paying jobs created and the economic stability that comes with increased development,” said Senator Mark Begich.


Alaska’s oil and gas reserves are enormous and unmatched: 35 billion barrels of oil and 161 trillion cubic feet of natural gas exist in Alaska’s most promising prospects in the Chukchi and Beaufort seas, the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Production in Alaska’s offshore Arctic waters alone could last for 50 years and generate 54,000 jobs nationwide, and Mark will continue to fight to increase exploration and production in our state.

Mark’s accomplishments include pushing for the establishment of the Alaska Inter-Agency Energy Working Group that straightened out two years worth of red tape and issued permits for the CD-5 project, the first in the NPR-A. ConocoPhillips has invested $450 million in construction in the NPR-A and the project will add 16,000 barrels/day at peak production by the end of 2015.

Mark Has: Brought Important Progress in Alaska Exploration

After 25 years of Alaska pushing to expand production opportunity, Mark fought the Obama administration to permit oil and gas exploration in Alaska’s waters off the North Slope and allow work to get underway in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska (NPRA):

  • Expand and build off of development in CD-5 in NPR-A
  • Champion for Greater Moose’s Tooth-1
  • Fought for the Kuukpik Corp to develop the CD-5 Spur Road
  • Stood up for a Comprehensive NPR-A Area Plan balancing subsistence and development

Fix Broken Bureaucracy to Spur Development

Mark believes there needs to be an open public process to ensure safety and transparency, but companies willing to take the risk of developing Alaska Arctic oil and gas need more certainty and timely resolution of permitting issues.

Mark Begich will:

  • Streamline permitting
  • Increase permitting accountability
  • Create certainty for exploration with quick decisions from courts
  • Expand one-stop-shop agency review

Expanding Production Opportunities and Protecting American Energy Leadership

With international instability bringing uncertainty to the global energy market, it is more important than ever that our country takes full advantage of its untapped energy potential in areas like ANWR as well as constructing the gasline. That production must be built on a foundation of smart tax and trade policy.

Mark Begich will:

  • Jump-start Alaska gas pipeline project and bring revenue, good paying jobs, and low-cost, clean-burning energy for Alaskans.
  • Begin environmentally responsible development in the Arctic Refuge
  • Protect and strengthen vital oil and gas tax incentives
  • Reduce the economic power of America’s adversaries

Making Sure Alaskans Get Their Fair Share

Throughout our state’s history, Alaskans have always had a stake in the natural resource development that is our economic backbone, and Mark will fight for Alaska’s fair share as production increases.

Mark Begich will:

  • Push for revenue sharing for impacted communities
  • Advance legislation to reduce energy prices for high-cost areas