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KTVA: “Dan Sullivan’s Residency Duration Is Still Unknown”

State of Maryland Says Dan Sullivan Was A Resident While He Claimed to Be A Resident of Alaska


ANCHORAGE- Dan Sullivan’s million dollar home in a Washington, DC suburb where he received residency tax breaks during his time as a political appointee has Alaskans wondering why he’s been dishonest with them about his residency. The State of Maryland declared Sullivan a resident for time he spent claiming tax breaks on a million dollar home while voting in Alaska.

Alaska’s KTVA News looked into the State of Maryland’s residency determination and compared it to Dan Sullivan’s inconsistent record of residency claims:

KTVA Reports:

“Has Sullivan been a resident since 1997? According to PFD criteria: No.

“According to Maryland tax officials: No.

“According to 2009 fishing license he wasn’t a resident then.

“According to a 2010 fishing license he’d been a resident for 1 year.

“And therefore, the answer of Dan Sullivan’s residency duration is still unknown.”

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