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Koch Brothers Spend Millions on Ads after Slashing 80 Alaska Jobs


ANCHORAGE — After eliminating 80 Alaska jobs, closing the Flint Hills refinery, and raising taxes on Alaskans the Koch brothers are back with another misleading million dollar attack ad to further their attempts to buy Alaska’s U.S. Senate seat for their man, Dan Sullivan.

“If the Koch brothers cared about Alaska they wouldn’t have raised taxes on the community of North Pole and eliminated 80 Alaska jobs. Dan Sullivan’s support from the Koch brothers is shameful, both working to advance a dangerous agenda without answering questions from Alaskans. Nothing shows your true colors like laying off 80 Alaskans while spending millions on false attack ads. Meanwhile, Mark Begich remains focused on bringing the F-35s to Fairbanks and growing Alaska jobs,” said Max Croes, Communications Director for Alaskans for Begich.

The most recent ad by the Koch backed group American’s for Prosperity builds on more attacks that have been labeled by independent fact check organizations as “false” and “not true.” The ad misleads Alaskans on Begich’s voting attendance record, which leads the Alaska Delegation at 95.5%.

The billionaire Koch brothers have spent over $4 million on ads in Alaska, with Outside groups pledging millions more. Despite their attempts to cut and run on Alaskans, a court recently ruled that the Kochs could not pass on responsibility for cleaning up Flint Hills after their decision to shutter it.

The decision came after the billionaires cut 80 jobs and plan to shutter the refinery, causing damage to the local economy and raising taxes on Alaskans.