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Koch Brothers “Secret Bank” Buying Ads in Alaska

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ANCHORAGE — The Koch brothers are using their secret bank to fund a new round of attack ads to buy Alaska’s senate seat, while the shadow group continues to keep their donor list hidden and hold underground meetings.

Outside interests like the Koch brothers have committed and spent over $12 million against Mark Begich in an attempt to buy Alaska’s Senate seat for Dan Sullivan.

“The sources of the money behind these ads are not transparent, but the plan is, have the Koch brothers spend millions on false attack ads to buy Alaska’s Senate seat for Dan Sullivan. The Koch brothers are hiding behind attack ads after they cut and run on Alaskans - crushing 80 jobs, raising the price of asphalt and raising local taxes - they are shamefully trying to buy Alaska’s senate seat to benefit themselves,” said Max Croes, Communications Director for Alaskans for Begich.

The newest ad by the Koch backed group “Freedom Partners” is the latest in a series of attacks that have been labeled by independent fact check organizations as “false” and “not true.” The ad falsely accuses Mark Begich of “missing work.” Begich has the best attendance record of the Alaska Delegation. The Juneau Empire also reported on Begich’s efforts to cut health care costs for Alaskans by introducing a “copper plan” to expand consumer choices and lower premiums.

The billionaire Koch brothers have spent millions on ads in Alaska so far and have pledged millions more. Despite their attempts to cut and run on Alaskans, a court ruled that the Koch’s would be responsible forcleaning up Flint Hills after their decision to shutter it, killing 80 Alaska jobs, raising taxes on Alaskans, raising the price of asphalt and attempting to leave behind toxic groundwater.

The Kochs were also mocked for using a DC actress in an Alaska TV ad and their operatives showed an lack of knowledge about Alaska by awkwardly calling Alaska a “peninsular” state in a secret meeting. The meeting, leaked to the media, revealed the Kochs intent to buy Alaska’s senate seat by dumping millions on to the airwaves.

Freedom Partners is one of the nation’s leading proponents of “Right To Work” legislation, a position shared by anti-labor Dan Sullivan. The group also seeks to privatize Social Security and eliminate the minimum wage.