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ICYMI: KYUK Story on U.S. Senate Race

“Sullivan hasn’t made it [to Bethel] in Person”


ANCHORAGE — KDLG aired a story from KYUK’s Ben Matheson regarding the strong ground game Mark Begich’s Senate campaign is running in Bethel, where volunteers are reaching out to their friends and neighbors. The story includes Mark Begich’s travel to rural Alaska to meet directly with voters to meet and hear their concerns. In the story, Dan Sullivan’s campaign admits it has no offices in rural Alaska and that Sullivan has not traveled to Bethel during his campaign.

As Alaska’s attorney general and Department of Natural Resources Commissioner, Dan Sullivan traveled to Bethel and Paris, France using state resources the same number of times, once.

From KYUK’s Ben Matheson story (beginning at 10:34):

“This door to door effort is a key part of Begich’s strategy for reaching the rural vote. The campaign has 13 field offices across the state, double that of his efforts in 2008. They have staff in Bethel for the first time in decades….Sullivan has five offices, but none in rural Alaska…Both campaigns say nothing replaces having candidates meet with voters in person. Begich visited in July to open the Bethel office and travel down river a few miles to the village of Napaskiak. Sullivan has not made it in person.”