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ICYMI: Independent Fact Checker on Begich Ad: “True”

Begich-Murkowski Vote Together Almost as Much as All-Republican Utah Delegation


ANCHORAGE — An independent fact check from called Mark Begich’s latest TV ad “True” and ruled Senator Mark Begich and Senator Lisa Murkowski vote together “as much as 80% of the time.”

Murkowski and Begich voted together more than any other pair of senators from opposing parties, voting together “more often than not.” The two voted together 148 times out of 183 total votes, or 80.8% of the time in 2014.

Congressional Quarterly affirmed that the pair vote together more than any other pair of Democrat - Republican delegations. Begich-Murkowski vote together almost as much as Senators Orrin Hatch and Mike Lee, both Utah Republicans.

Their voting record extends to common sense Alaska values like a Balanced Budget Amendment, support for increased energy development and the Keystone XL pipeline and cutting wasteful government spending.

Here is a cross-section of votes the Senators have agreed on:

July 2011, in favor of a Balanced Budget Amendment (both “yes”);

March 2013, In favor of constructing the Keystone XL pipeline: Agree (both “yes”);

June 2013, On passage of the Senate immigration reform bill: Agree (both “yes”);

October 2013, On passage of the budget bill ending the government shutdown: Agree (both “yes”);

Jan. 30, 2014, On delaying the increase of flood insurance premium: Agree (both “yes”);

July 16, 2014, Failed motion to consider a bill to reverse the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision: Agree (both “yes”);

July 29, 2014, On confirming Robert McDonald as Secretary of Veterans Affairs (both “yes).