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Dan Sullivan’s Outside Family and Friends Bring Dirty Personal Politics to Alaska

Nasty attacks funded by limitless donations from Sullivan’s family


ANCHORAGE — Despite saying just yesterday he was going to stay positive, U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan’s wealthy Ohio family and DC power broker friends are importing personal political attacks to Alaska in an attempt to buy a U.S. Senate seat with their millions.

A distasteful radio ad attack launched today by Sullivan’s super PAC is paid for by Sullivan’s brother and father who can spend unlimited amounts on such ads from the comfort of Ohio.

“This is just another example of how Sullivan and his Outside friends and family don’t get Alaska with their snarky personal attacks,” said Susanne Fleek-Green, Alaskans for Begich Manager. “Their laughable jab at Mark’s Alaska bona fides is just them trying to distract from legitimate questions Alaskans have about Sullivan’s Alaska residency.”

Sources for these attacks according to a recent FEC report:

  • Frank Sullivan: $25,000. Dan Sullivan’s Ohio-based brother runs RPM International, the family’s Cleveland-based chemical company. Frank serves on the board of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which recently spent over $200,000 attacking Begich in Alaska despite objections to local chambers.
  • Tom Sullivan: $50,000. Dan Sullivan’s Ohio-based father who is a high dollar political donor.
  • Donald Miller: $50,000. Former board member of the Sullivan family company, RPM International.

These donations account for 80% of the funds raised by Sullivan’s super PAC.

Sullivan has previously disclosed receiving a “heads up” on a super PAC ad featuring his former boss, Condoleezza Rice. Alaskans deserve to know if Sullivan received a note from his family about this upcoming ad buy.