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Begich Releases July Fundraising Numbers

Boasts Over 170 New Alaska Donors in 30 Days


ANCHORAGE — Mark Begich continues to build support among Alaskans in his latest fundraising report for the month of July with 170 new Alaska donors. Begich brought in $420,000 total dollars in a 30 day period.

The fundraising total signals Begich’s continued momentum with over 170 new Alaska donors in just 30 days.

Begich has received the financial support of over 5,000 Alaskans. A total which exceeds all of his opponents put together.

“Mark Begich is honored to have the support of over 5,000 Alaskans. A number greater than his 2008 election and larger than all three of his major opponents put together. Mark will continue to campaign the way he knows how, Alaskan to Alaskan, door to door, village to village,” said Max Croes, Communications Director for Alaskans for Begich.

The report is a “pre-primary” filing Senate candidates are required to file with the FEC.