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Begich Opponents Kick Alaska’s Seniors to the Curb

Support for risky schemes endanger Alaska’s seniors


ANCHORAGE — At Alaska’s AARP candidate forum Mark Begich’s U.S. Senate opponents tossed around phrases like reform, changes and privatization while trying to hide their desire to have Alaska’s seniors gamble their retirement on Wall Street.

“Mark Begich is the only candidate who believes Alaska’s seniors should never put their retirement at the mercy of Wall Street. All of Begich’s opponents continue to double down on schemes and groups that want to change Social Security and Medicare forever — Only Mark Begich fights to protect Social Security and Medicare for over 70,000 Alaskans,” Max Croes, Alaskans for Begich Communications Director.

Joe Miller stood by his desire to privatize Social Security calling for everyone under the age of 50 to put their money on Wall Street.

Sullivan spoke of the need for “serious reform” to Social Security and is bragging to Alaskans about his endorsement from the DC-based Club for Growth. The group famously pushes privatization of Social Security and voucherization of Medicare. Congressman Don Young has singled out the group’s desire to cut funding for veterans and seniors.

Mead Treadwell’s support of the Ryan Budget would risk the future of all Alaska seniors by changing both Social Security and Medicare as we know it.

In stark contrast, Mark Begich has fought to strengthen Social Security and Medicare:

  • Championed legislation to extend the solvency of Social Security and expand benefits to reflect the costs Alaska seniors face.
  • Successfully fought for a solution to the doctor reimbursement formula under Medicare to ensure Alaskans can keep their doctor.
  • Closed the so-called “doughnut hole” for Medicare prescription drugs.
  • Expanded loan forgiveness for primary care providers who accept Medicare patients.