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“Begich Goes to the People”

“You go as far as it takes”


ANCHORAGE — As the general election kicks off, Mark Begich is back on TV with his acclaimed ad, “Alaska’s Son,” highlighting his commitment to travel to each and every corner of the state to meet face to face with Alaskans and hear about their individual needs.
In the ad, Begich’s wife Deborah Bonito says:

“In Alaska, you go as far as it takes to see the people. While we love having Mark at home, we know we share him with every Alaskan, like his father before him. Mark was 10 when he lost his father. We’ve lost too many Alaskans this way, but Mark is clearly his father’s son and there’s no where he won’t go to listen and stand up for Alaskans.”


Mark Begich has Alaska’s best congressional attendance record and is always ready to go to work for Alaska. Alaskans know Mark never stops working for Alaska and spending time listening to Alaskans - whether its at Andy’s Hardware in Muldoon, the AC store in Bethel or Tatsuda’s IGA in Ketchikan. In the past week, Begich has visited Palmer, Wasilla, Haines, Juneau, Nome, Eagle River and Anchorage. He heads to Valdez and Cordova tomorrow.