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The Cordova Times: Opinion: Unlabeled GE salmon

By The Cordova Times:

Well here is something useful. Alaskans are united in defending our wild salmon heritage against Frankenfish. From Don Young to Mark Begich, Cascadia Wildlands and Greenpeace, we are leading the fight on one of the most consequential environmental issues of our time. It’s not often we’re this united around such a contentious issue. I think it’s creeping the bad guys out. Some accuse us of selfishly looking to protect our own bottom line. But Alaskans are united against GE salmon for good reasons.

We Alaskans are proud of our wild salmon, and should be proud to stand up for them on the international stage! We learned from past mistakes and have (more-or-less) successfully stewarded one of nature’s greatest bounties. This is our heritage. Never apologize for defending it. If we don’t, nobody else will.