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Daily News-Miner: Sen. Begich proposes immigration amendment

If the E-Verify system challenges a person’s eligibility, the government could require that person to show up in person at the nearest Social Security Administration office to answer questions, under the terms of S744.

That won’t work in Alaska, Begich said.

“The requirement to appear in person would place a huge burden on people in rural areas,” Sen. Begich said in the news release. “It’s just not realistic, especially for the more than 30,000 Alaskans who live off the road system.”

Begich’s amendment would require the government to set up an alternative method of dealing with such cases for people who live off the road system or more than 150 miles from a Social Security office.

“We wouldn’t require the people of New York to take a boat, snowmachine or plane just to verify their employment eligibility, and we shouldn’t require that of Alaskans,” Begich said.