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Daily Kos: AK-Sen: Bill Kristol Fantasizes About Sarah Palin (R) Running for U.S. Senate

So there you have it, Kristol wants Palin to win not because he cares about the GOP. He cares about revamping his image as Palin’s biggest cheerleader. So you see, Kristol and Palin are one in the same. But Kristol’s deep seeded belief that Palin can beat Begich is just delusional. Polls have showed that Begich would easily defeat her and the former Governor isn’t popular back in her home state. So really, Kristol is just setting himself up for more humiliation by even advocating the idea of Palin running for the Senate. It’s really a sad to witness, then again this was the same conservative Bozo who sold the public on going to war with Iraq so let him keep making an ass of himself.

The other thing about Kristol’s constant cheering for Sarah Palin Senate run is it really speaks volumes about how conservatives feel about the already declared candidates, Lt. Governor Mead Treadwell (R. AK) and Tea Party Wild Card Joe Miller (R. AK). Then again these guys have some serious baggage. Like Treadwell is a pretty shady character: