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Joe Miller: Too Conservative for Alaska

In Short:

Alaskans know the upcoming election on Tuesday, August 19th is very important. Alaskans need to know the facts about the candidates. In the last week Joe Miller has pledged no amnesty for undocumented immigrants, vowed to overturn Roe v Wade with no exceptions, and wants to eliminate the US Department of Education. He would follow the lead of Ted Cruz and Mike Lee in the U.S. Senate. Joe Miller is too conservative for Alaska.

The Facts:


Miller Increasingly Emphasizing Immigration In Campaign, Touted Endorsement From Joe Arpaio, An Arizona Sheriff And Immigration Hardliner. “Miller, an attorney who won the 2010 Republican Senate nomination but lost to Sen. Lisa Murkowski when she bested him in a general election write-in campaign, has been increasingly emphasizing immigration as he tries to break out of what most observers believe is third place in the heated primary fight. He has been highlighting his support from Maricopa County, Arizona, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a well-known immigration hardliner.” [AP, 8/11/14]

Headline: Alaska Dispatch News: “Miller links immigration, gun rights in inflammatory campaign mailing.” [Alaska Dispatch News, 8/11/14]

Miller Distributed Mailer Claiming Begich Wanted Illegal Immigrants To Vote. Reported the Alaska Dispatch News in August 2014, “A provocative new mailer from Republican U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller featuring images of tattooed, threatening-looking Hispanics and saying that incumbent Democratic Sen. Mark Begich ‘wants them to vote’ is factually inaccurate, a widely respected immigration attorney said Monday. The mailer, widely distributed to Anchorage households over the weekend, ties the hot-button immigration issue to gun control by including a quote from Miller claiming ‘if 20 million illegals vote, you can kiss the Second Amendment goodbye.’ ‘Joe Miller is 100 percent pro gun, 100 percent against amnesty,’ says the mailer, which features photos on the reverse side of Miller firing a handgun and teaching shooting to a boy and girl identified as his children.” [Alaska Dispatch News, 8/11/14]

Miller Claimed If Amnesty Was Granted And Immigrants Voted, The Second Amendment Would Be Repealed. Reported the Alaska Dispatch News in August 2014, “Miller added that tying immigration to Second Amendment rights was also valid. ‘There’s a clear correlation, and the clear correlation is this: If you end up granting amnesty to those who don’t value gun rights, who have not been raised in an environment where the Second Amendment is cherished — is considered to be a God-given right — the reality is over a generation or two, the likelihood is very strong that the Second Amendment will not be here,” Miller said.” [Alaska Dispatch News, 8/11/14]

Miller Defended Mailer Claiming Begich Would Let Illegal Immigrants Vote.

DERMOT COLE: Yes and this question is for Mr. Miller and it relates to this flyer you sent out, your campaign sent out the other day which the viewers can see here. You sent out this flyer to voters featuring pictures of tattooed, shirtless, Hispanic gang members and includes a statement that Begich wants them to vote and you’re referring to 20 million people. My question is pretty short and simple. Why use these pictures to illustrate illegal immigration?

MILLER: Dermot good question. I wish you’d show the audience the back side of it too. This is me and my daughter practicing gun safety, my son. It’s for our children, Dermot and it’s because it’s the truth. Ted Cruz talked to Chris Wallace about two weeks ago on Face the Nation where he described the gangs that are coming in abusing sexually children, forcing children to cut off other children’s fingers. The trafficking that’s going on right now is being caused by in part this. This is real world stuff, talk to folk down on the southern border. Even in this state we have an issue Dermot, the Obama administration flying illegals to this state. Right now I haven’t read anything in the press about it here except for Restoring Liberty but the fact is we’ve got to get more people on the ground addressing this issue. This is reality. This is happening. [KTVA/ADN GOP Debate, 8/10/14]


Miller Said There Should Be No Abortion Exceptions For Rape, Incest Or Life Of The Mother – “Why Are We Going To Punish The Sons And Daughters For The Father’s Sins?”

MILLER: I don’t think we ought to be talking about exceptions; we ought to be talking about life. That’s why I’ve answered the way I have, we save every life we can. If we want to fall into the opposition’s camp and try to start carving out these things we go away from the solid foundation which is what I think our country is built on and we protect those liberties that god has given us, the foremost of which is life. Why are we going to punish the sons and daughters for the father’s sins? That’s essentially what we do with the rape and incest exception. . . . These are real-life stories. You talk to Aaron, he went public with an amicus briefing in Hobby Lobby and he’ll say this is a real-world issue. This is me standing here flesh and bone, productive member of society. Why would you punish me and take away my right to life because of the sin of another. That’s something we got to talk broadly about. [Alaska Family Action Debate, 8/4/14]

Miller: We Need To Pass Life At Conception Personhood Legislation.

MILLER: Well let’s talk about number one first, Life at Conception Act sponsored by Senator Rand Paul. That absolutely, obviously ought to be passed and signed into law. Although we all know with President Obama that’s not going to happen. In fact any pro-life legislation, Tom, is not going to get through unless you have a two-thirds majority which is highly unlikely unless this is a wave election which it could be. We’re seeing some good signs of that with Brat versus Cantor; a few other good… Sasse in Nebraska. There’s some really good signs that it could be. But unless we have two-thirds Obama will do everything he can; he’s the most pro-abortion president in the history of this country. [Alaska Family Action Debate, 8/4/14]


Miller Backed Abolishing The Department Of Education And Block Granting Money Back To States.

MILLER: There are other things we can do such as the Department of Education needing to abolish it and transfer the funding that the federal government currently gives to the Department of Education, block grant it back to the states; perhaps ratchet it down a little bit and allow the state to allocate the money in a way it seems fit. [Anchorage Chamber of Commerce debate, 8/11/14]


Miller: Ted Cruz & Mike Lee Would Be Best Options For Senate Majority Leader.

MODERATOR: Who a person associates with speaks volumes about their core principles. If you are elected to the US Senate, what five Senators would you likely align with? And who would be your first and second choice for leader of the Senate, given Republicans take back control?

. . .

MILLER: I had trouble identifying five too, Mark. And I agree, I think Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul are solid. I had to look outside of where we’re at right now and reach out to some others that, with your help, can get elected. That includes Ben Sasse, great guy, I think will help the cause. And Chris McDaniel, again with your help. These races are on the national level. People that love the Constitution who want to invest $25-$30 like they have in our campaign across the nation can help return this country to its foundations. I think those five will do a great job with of course Joe Miller from Alaska. As far as leader goes, we don’t know who’s going to run. Obviously Ted Cruz, Mike Lee; I’d be there in a heartbeat for them. I’ve met with Mike Lee a number of times. I’ve met with Ted Cruz. [United for Liberty debate, 5/28/14]